FratelliMattia is a shoe brand born in Milan, Italy's fashion-forward city, and reflects the vibrant spirit of Italian fashion in Turkey. It considers producing extraordinary and contemporary shoes by combining Italian elegance and quality with the unique touches of Turkish masters as its main mission. As FratelliMattia, we offer our customers not just shoes but a lifestyle, while maintaining our innovative design approach and originality at every step. Together with our professional business partners in Italian fashion, we aim to create an original and dynamic experience that complements the style of modern men by capturing the unique spirit of shoes in our facility in Turkey with a daily production capacity of 2000 pairs.

As FratelliMattia, while focusing on finding the perfect balance between quality and style, we also present you with models that will make you feel special both in daily life and on special occasions, with our original designs and R&D studies, every detail of which is carefully considered.

FratelliMattia offers not only shoes, but also a lifestyle. Offering ideal shoes for all seasons and all occasions that will adapt to the dynamic lives of modern men, FratelliMattia aims to walk with you at every step, prioritizing customer satisfaction and quality.

Meet us, crown your steps with style and comfort with FratelliMattia!

FratelliMattia! you at your coolest.